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This website presents a selection of works with an initial value that constitutes an acquisition opportunity. The incentive to buy early makes the price increase as the number of copies decreases. The value established for each piece is a multi-causal synthesis that takes into account the year of production, format and previous exhibitions, among other variables.

All the pieces, with the exception of the publications, were materialised through the action of light on the sensitive paper. These photographs were obtained using analogue methods that respect the laboratory processes of traditional colour photography. These photographic objects were created by the action and complicity of the elements that founded the magic of photography: light and support.

Some of these works participated in solo and group exhibitions, in private and public institutions in different countries. The works that were exhibited are indicated in their technical specifications.

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About  Gaspar Iwaniura Lorge

Buenos Aires, 1985. Artist and designer.

He uses scans and photographs as material to produce his works. His most relevant photographic projects include publications that incorporate rare reproductions of unique character and distinctive material quality. His works highlight the tension generated by the unique piece in serial art.

web. www.gaspariwaniura.com.ar